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Diving Emergencies (Schmidt)

STEMI and Cardiac Arrest (Schmidt)

Pre-hospital Sedation (Schmidt)

EBCLS: Evidence-based Cardiac Life Support (Schmidt)

Acute Decompensated Heart Failure (Schmidt)

Pre-hospital Literature Update (Schmidt)

Trauma Emergencies (Schmidt)

Excited Delirium (Pereira)

Congestive Heart Failure (Pereira)

OB Emergencies (Schmidt)

Neuro Emergencies (Schmidt)

The Crashing Asthmatic (Schmidt)

Hemorrhagic Shock and Tourniquets (Ebler)

Seizures (Segel)

Pre-hospital CHF Care (Torres)

ECGs You Can’t Miss (Caro)

STEMI Mimics (Schmidt)

Narrow Complex Tachycardias (Schmidt)

EMS Sepsis (Hilton)

Pre-hospital Ketamine (Schmidt)

Approach to the Pre-hospital Difficult Airway (Schmidt)

Drowning Resuscitation (Schmidt)



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